Servomotor Shoelace Tipping Machine

This is new type Servomotor Drive Shoelace Tipping Machine which used the film to cut shoelace and wrap the shoelace head. The quality is excellent and can be tipped different length shoelace.

This shoelace tipping machine equipped special security servo motor. Also the equipped tipping dies can be used very long.

This shoelace tipping machine also can be used to tip graphic film and logo print film. It is easy to operate and install.

Model: DR100

Features & Specification:

1.Voltage: 220~380VAC,50hz.

2.the temperature is automatically adjusted, typically 50 ° C. ~ 60 ° C, the temperature reaches the set position itself under constant temperature.

  1. the main motor overload protection function.

4.The machine equipped special security device,so keep the mould long time use.

  1. The machine structure is strong and very safe to operate.
  2. The machine has phase sequence protection function to prevent inverting wiring cause structural damage to the parts of the machine. The machine can not be started when the wiring inverting,after rewire the machine correctly,then can be started.

7.The machine can be stopped automatically when the film finished.

  1. Use Film: Normal acetate cellulose film.
  2. Use glue material: acetone.

Quality Control: All the machines will be inspected carefully before delivery.

Oversea service: We have agent in different countries, so oversea service is available.

Certificate: CE

Packing: The quantity under 10 sets packed in single wooden case, over 10 sets order will load in full container.

Delivery Time: Order quantity smaller than 10 sets, delivery time is 20 days; order quantity over 10 sets, the delivery time is 30 days.