Two Heads Eyelet Punching Machine

Our factory’s Automatic Two Heads Eyelet punching Machine mainly used to tip the eyelet,rivet on the handbag paper or the other garments.


  1. Adapts to eyeleting on the paper bag, large wrapping plastic box, gift box, waist iron of middle sole of leather shoes and

representative certificate.

  1. Equip two head, and it can rivet two eyelet on the symmetrical position of the work piece at the same time.
  2. Automatic feeding eyelet.
  3. The space between the two head can be adjusted, and the double heads can bind synchronously, which enhance the work efficiency.
  4. Easy and convenient operation after simple training.(less than one hour)


Adopts high-quality shafts, reasonable structure, to ensure a stable function and longer lifespan.

Humanization design, safe and easy operation, direct and convenient maintenance.

This equipment uses electric auto motor driving device.

Standard accessories kit and complete after-sale service.


UseApply to electronic circuit boards, horn, hose clamps, backplane, label, paper card, chip, computer radiator, hardware such as chicken eye accurate riveting.
Surface diameter of rivetΦ2.5-15(mm)
Rivet diameter (outer diameter)Φ1.3-8(mm)
Rivet length2.0-12(mm)
Throat depth110(mm)
Motor power0.37kW
Height from floor to bottom mold800(MM)
Max. Eyelet Tipping Speed200 times/min
Machine dimensions770*1000*1600(MM)
Net weight130(KG)
Gross weight140(KG)

Quality Control: All the machines will be inspected carefully before delivery.

Oversea service: We have agent in different countries, so oversea service is available.

Certificate: CE

Packing: The quantity under 10 sets packed in single wooden case, over 10 sets order will load in full container.

Delivery Time: Order quantity smaller than 10 sets, delivery time is 20 days; order quantity over 10 sets, the delivery time is 30 days.