Hot heat tipping: temperature control system is stable and easy to operate.
No need the acetone liquid, the acetone liquid is strictly control to buy, the traditional shoelace tippingmachine use the acetone on shoelace production line is not safe.
Save worker’s salary: at present more and more shoelace aglet use plastic tip, while the plastic tip used on the shoelace head need firstly tip the head with tipping film.This procedure cost much salary.
Save tipping film cost if the shoelace use plastic tip head: Use the hot heat tipping machinetip the shoelace head, then no need the tipping film and reduce the tipping head procedure.
Eco-friendly: because the hot heat tipping machine no need the acetone liquid and recycled tipping film, so the tipped shoelace or handle is Eco-friendly.

Features and Specification:
1. This machine works at the base of temperature heat system. The temperature is adjustable.
2. The tipping time is adjustable.
3. The machine equipped multifunctional module, different mould can be installed on the multifunctional module according to different requirement. The mould concentric angle is adjustable.
4. Rated Voltage: AC220V or 380VAC,
5. Rated power: 3.5 kW
6. Out Put: 8000 pcs per working day
7. Suitable lace: chemical fibre braided lace or rope
8. Machine Weight: 200 KGS
9. Machine Size:900x700x1700 mm

Quality Control: All the machines will be inspected carefully before delivery.
Oversea service: We have agent in different countries, so oversea service is available.
Certificate: CE

Packing: The quantity under 10 sets packed in single wooden case, over 15 sets order will load in full container.

Delivery Time: Order quantity smaller than 10 sets, delivery time is 20 days; order quantity over 10 sets, the delivery time is 30 days.